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Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Departments and units

In 1961, the Higher Teacher Training Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences had only two mathematics departments: Higher Algebra and Mathematical Analysis, run by the eminent physicist Prof. Todor Vasilev (Vice Rector at the time). The first one still exists today under the name Algebra and has been headed by Assoc. Prof. Petar Shopov, Assoc. Prof. Todor Zhelazkov, Assoc. Prf. Stoil Mihovski, Prof. Todor Zhelyazov, and Assoc. Prof. Nako Nachev. The second one, however, was split into two departments in 1974: Real Analysis and Complex Analysis and Differential Equations, which still exist today. The Real Analysis department has been run so far by Prof. Ivan Raychinov, Assoc. Prof. Petar Shopov, Assoc. Prof. Yordan Zhechev, Assoc. Prof. Galina Vekova, Assoc. Prof. Todorka Nikolova, and Assoc. Prof. Georgi Kulev and Prof. Petko Proynov, and the department of Complex Analysis and Differential Equations has been headed by Assoc. Prof. Petar  Shopov, Assoc. Prof. Ivan Feschiev, and Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Kasandrova. The Geometry department has been into existence since 1962 and has been run by Prof. Todor Vsilev, Prof. Leon Mitrani, (who was also a prominent physicist), Prof. Georgi Paskalev, Prof. Alipi Mateev, Prof. Ivan Raychinov,  Prof. Grozyo Stanilov, Assoc. Prof. Trifon Nakov, Assoc. Prof. Georgi Zlatanov, Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Mekerov, and Assoc. Prof. Georgi Zlatanov. The department of Analytical Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics Education was set up the same year headed by Prof. Todor Vasilev and later by Prof. Georgi Paskalev. In 1972 it gave birth to the department of Computational Mathematics and Probability Theory run by Assoc. Prof. Iliya Iliev, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Geshev, and Assoc. Prof. Todor Zhelyazkov. In 1974, the department of Analytical Mechanis gave birth to the unit called Methodology of Mathematics Education headed by Senior Lecturer Koycho Slavov and Assoc. Prof. Lyuben Portev. This unit was to become in 1990 a self-contained department of Methodology of Mathematics and Informatics Education run by Assoc. Prof. Vasil Milushev. The Analytical Mechanics department was led by Assoc. Prof. Iliya Iliev until 1999. In 1990, the department of Computational Mathematics and Probability Theory was split into the department of Probability Theory and department of Informatics. The former existed until 1999 and was run by Assoc. Prof. Atanas Geshev, and Assoc. Prof. Snezhana Hristova, while the latter was further subdivided in 1996 into four departments: Computer Informatcs run by Assoc. Prof. Georgi Totkov, and Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Shkurov, and again by Assoc. Prof. Gergi Totkov, Computer Technology headed by Assoc. Prof. Asen Rahnev and later by Assoc. Prof. Anton Iliev, Computer Systems headed by Assoc. Prof. Mincho Sandalski and Assoc. Prof. Stanimir Stoyanov and Computational Methods headed by Assoc. Prof. Hristo Semerdzhiev. The latest transformations of departments took place in 1999 when the departments of Analytical Mechanics, Probability Theory and Computational Methods merged into the department of Applied Mathematics and Modelling headed by Prof. Hristo Semerdzhiev.

Currently, FMI has 9 departments: Algebra, Geometry, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis and Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics and Modeling, Computer Informatics, Computer Technology, Computer Systems and Methodology of Teaching Mathematics, Informatics and Information Technology.

FMI also has a highly qualified English Language Teaching team headed by Assoc. Prof. Ivan Shotlekov, PhD. Using state-of-the art technology and efficient methodology, they deliver specialized training to FMI students.

Essential to the training of the students of Mathematics and Informatics is the Computer Facilities unit initially run by Senior Asst. Prof. Ivan Ganchev, PhD, and later by Todor Chaushev, MSc.

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