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Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Degree programmes

At the time FMI was founded, it offered four programmes: Mathematics Еducation (4 years), Industrial Mathematics (Stream A) involving 3 years of study, Industrial Mathematics (Stream D) involving 1 year of study to obtain a teaching qualification by Stream A graduates, and Mathematics and Physics (the so called Division V), the latter granting a college degree and entitling to part-time study for a higher education degree. Stream D was not the only avenue for the top students of Stream A - alternatively, they would continue their education in Streams B and C at Sofia University. The Industrial Mathematics program designed to train informatics experts for the needs of the national economy unfortunately failed to sustain and the last enrollment was in 1975/76. Later on, the Mathematics and Physics program was ceded to the Faculty of Physics, and Mathematics Education became Mathematics with a duration of 5 years. After 1980, the interest in Informatics was revived and that resulted in three specializations: Mathematical Structures, Informatics, and Education in which students could enroll after their second year of study. A new programme was launched: Mathematics and Informatics (5-year full-time, 6-year part-time) meant to train teachers of Mathematics and Informatics at the secondary schools. In 1993/94, FMI offered through its subsidiary in Haskovo a one-time admission to the programme in Informatics with a specialization in Computer Technology in Business. The integration between Plovdiv University and the Plovdiv subsidiary of Technical University - Sofia led to the development of the Information Technology program enrolling students in the academic years 1993/94 and 1995/96 with financing under a TEMPUS project. In the academic years 1995/96, students could enroll in the 5-year Computer Technology program.

In compliance with the updated Higher Education Act, the Bachelor degree programs in Mathematics, Informatics, and Mathematics and Informatics were launched requiring applicants to have a completed secondary education. Initially, only the last of the three offered part-time study, but since 2001/02, Informatics has also been available for part-time study. In 2001/02, the Applied Mathematics program was launched. The latest Bachelor-degree program - Business Information Technology - was launched in 2009/10 and offers both full-time and part-time study.

The Master's programme in Informatics for graduates was launched at FMI in1999/00 with specializations in E-commerce and Information Technology. The same year started the 1-year part-time qualification programme in Informatics and IT Education for graduates. In 2001/02, a number of Master's programs were launched in Informatics (Software Technology, Business Informatics with English) and in Applied Mathematics. The Master's program in Informatics and IT Education At School-Level was first offered in 2004/05 and was soon followed by Mathematics Education At School Level, IT Education At Primary School Level, and IT Education at Secondary School Level.

The Physics and Mathematics programme is jointly taught by FMI and the Faculty of Physics. FMI also provides teaching of Mathematics and Informatics to students across various programmes in the other faculties of Plovdiv University and its subsidiaries in Kardzhali and Smolyan, at the Technical College of Smolyan, as well as on other qualification and retraining education programs in the country.


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