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Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Students
Currently, FMI provides education to some 1,400 students in Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral programmes, as well as to graduate students who seek further professional qualification.

 In addition to Bulgarian nationals, FMI is attended by citizens of Turkey, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Iraq, Nicaragua, Jordan, Austria, and Israel.

 FMI takes pride in the thousands of alumni and trainees who have enhanced their qualifications through its programmes. They work not only throughout the country, but also have successful careers all over the world.

 Many FMI alumni are accredited scientists and university lecturers, and some are involved in the academic management of their institutions as heads of departments, Deputy-Deans, Deans, Vice Rectors, and Rectors.

Thousands of them are wonderful teachers, school directors, experts and managers in the field of education.

 A large number of Mathematics and Informatics graduates pursue careers in various fields, such as banks and insurance companies, in business and trade, or on R&D teams.

 Quite some FMI alumni have become successful politicians or officials in the local and central governments: mayors,  members of Parliament, ministers, and even vice-prime ministers.

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