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Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Technologies for education and learning
(scientific and application results, received from the members of the department of Computer Science in the period in the period 1981-2009)


The researches about introduction and experimentation of software means in education begin already in 1981 with creation of the first Bulgarian software environment for automation of the secondary school management and packet of programs for providing learning EPES, pass through e-learning systems (prototypes PeU 1.0, PeU 2.0) and continue with the design of innovative e-learning environment BEST (including using of cognitive and linguistic technologies). Results from carried out scientific researches and developments in the field of organization and management of distance learning, are in the base of more of 30 successful European and national projects in the field of information technologies, distance education, computer linguistic, creation of software systems for e-learning, etc. Created models of learning courses, materials and test assignments (including their electronic analogs) ­- also the result of scientific researches are in the base of published textbooks and learning appliances for secondary school and university and applied in different forms of education.

Obtained scientific results are found practical realization and confirmation in the design and creation of software systems for computer techniques from different generations and with wide spectrum of applications, received acknowledgement on authoritative forums: automation of scientific and engineer researches; computer modeling of technological processes; automate schedule for secondary schools; tools environments for construction of software systems for conceptual modeling and automate solving of assignments in different subject domains; systems for carrying out morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis of the text and making the sound-track of Bulgarian computer text; e-learning management environments from different generations (with a number usage) etc. The scientific results of researches are presented and obtained good acceptance and responses in a number scientific conferences and seminars in the country and abroad (Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Estonia, India, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, France, Check, etc.).

The main directions of the researches in the field of distance and e-learning are:

  1. Design and development of e-learning environments and
  2. Management and organization of distance and e-learning.


  1. Design and development of e-learning environments

The scientific researches, connected to the design and creation of e-learning environments, can be separated in 4 sub directions:

  • Experimental program insurance of educational system;
  • Models and means for e-learning, based on the concepts and resource restrictions;
  • Systems for design and support of virtual education;
  • Systems for management of e-learning projects; E. Modeling and organization of electronic test.
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