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Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - vol. 38, book 3, 2011


Musa Ajeti
Chebyshevian Compositions in Four Dimensional Space with an Affine Connectedness without a Torsion

Georgi Dzhelepov, Iva Dokuzova, Dimitar Razpopov
On a Three-Dimensional Riemannian Manifold with an Additional Structure

H. Kiskinov, S. Kostadinov
Existence of Lp(φ, ψ)-Solutions of Linear Differential Equations with Generalized Dichotomy in a Banach Space

G. Kostadinov, A. Zahariev
Lp-Equivalence Between two Ordinary Impulse Differential Equations with Bounded Linear Impulse Operators in a Banach Space

Mancho Manev, Miroslava Ivanova
Natural Connections with Torsion Expressed by the Metric Tensors on Almost Contact Manifolds with B-Metric

Anna Malinova, Vanya Ivanova
Automation of Electronic Testing Examination in English Language Using DeTC

Ivanka Marasheva-Delinova
Indicators to Establish a Formed Cognitive Interest in Mathematics by Developing Projects

Ivanka Marasheva-Delinova, Evgeniya Angelova
Main Activities of the Teacher and the Students in the Process of Project Work

Todor Zh. Mollov, Nako A. Nachev
Isomorphism of Commutative Group Algebras of Finite Abelian p-Groups

Nako A. Nachev
Basic Subgroups of the Sylow p-Subgroups of Semisimple Group Algebras

Ivan K. Russinov
Eventual '0-Stability of Differential Systems in Terms of Two Measures by Perturbing Lyapunov Functions

Todorka Terzieva
Some Criteria and Indicators for Diagnosis of the Forming of Algorithmic Thinking in Computer Science

D. Zaharieva, A. Malinova
On Some (AOR) Iterative Algorithms for Solving System of Linear Equations

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