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Home Research Proceedings of Conferences organized by FMI MEDCONF2009 Representations and Visualization in Mathematics Education  Български  
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Representations and Visualization in Mathematics Education

Charalambos Efstathiou, Androulla Petridou, Athanasios Gagatsis & Panagiota Kalogirou
The Impact of Iconic Representations in Solving Mathematical Problems of the Fractions Division

Kalogirou Panagiota, Kattou Maria, Michael Thanasia & Gagatsis Athanasios
The Impact of Different Representations in Solving Non-Proportional Stereometry Problems

Kyriacoulla Evangelou, Katerina Tsimpimpaki & Athanasios Gagatsis
Students’ Performance and Representational Pictures. What Do Students Believe?

Paraskevi Michael, Athanasios Gagatsis, Iliada Elia, Eleni Deliyianni, Annita Monoyiou & Areti Panaoura
Operative Apprehension of Geometrical Figures by Primary and Secondary School Students’

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