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CEEPUS - Conceptual graph based modeling and querying methods for RDBMS and XML databases


Central European Exchange Program for University Studies


Presentation Title:   Conceptual graph based modeling and querying methods for RDBMS and XML databases


Lecturer:           ANDREA EVA MOLNAR,




Time schedule 1:      15.05.2018       Tuesday           11:45-13:15 


Place 1:                      room 422, floor 4, FMI


Time schedule 2:      16.05.2018       Wednesday     12:45-15:15


Place 2:                      room 536, floor 5, FMI


Course Description:

Conceptual Graphs (CGs) are a knowledge representation language based on the existential graphs of Ch. S. Peirce and the semantic networks of Artificial Intelligence, which were first introduced by J.F. Sowa in 1976. CGs are also a modeling and design language, which is human readable and computer tractable. This makes CGs suitable for a large variety of applications.

During this lecture, I would like to present a CG based modeling for various databases and exemplify this method on RBDMS and XML data pointing out inherent differences. I would like also to discuss about a CG based query designer for the relational data model and for XQuery.

I intend to highlight that the expressive power of CGs consist of the fact that the representation method, based on these graphs, gives a natural and intuitive tool for database structure design and database querying, especially in the case of semi-structured data: they help to present the structure of semi-structured data in a form which is also accessible for non-experts.




FREE for students and lecturers of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Plovdiv University.  


For Information:      Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elena Somova

tel. 261 259; 0889 338997

                                 e-mail: eledel@uni-plovdiv.bg


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